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    Ozlux is a leading designer and manufacturer of energy saving light products, which offers a wide range of quality, high technology and innovative design products which is of international standards to address energy conservation for corporations and consumers.

By setting environmental management as one of the company's highest priorities, Ozlux unique patterned design is proven to reduce energy consumption without the compromise of comfort, safety and design. Our quality and service has resulted in unqualified customer's satisfaction.

It is our goal together with our network and partners in different part of the world, to be premier contributors on energy savings products with serving both the local and global market and responding diligently, timely and efficiently to urgent demands for energy conservation.
Ozlux Mission Statement

To Provide efficient lighting solutions with minimal energy consumption.

With Our Products
We strive to provide you with the best efficient lighting solution and minimal energy consumption by integrating both proven technology and our engineering expertise into every Ozlux Product.

With Our Customers
With our continuous improvement approach, we impress our customers with quality and excellent service while making decisions that would enable our customers benefit from our products.

With Our Environment

We endeavour to contribute positively to the environment which commits to the adoption of 'green' practices which applies to our design, manufacturing and distribution of our Ozlux products.

    T5 Fluorescent Lighting : T5 Fluorescent Retrofit | T5 Fluorescent Linear    
    T5 Lamp Fitting Lighting : Outdoor IP65 T5 Luminaire | T5 Mirror Optic Luminaire | Batten Reflector Fitting    
    CFL Lighting : Maxi 8U Compact Fluorescent    
    Induction Lighting : Induction Street Lamp (ISL29) | Induction Street Lamp (ISL24) | Induction High-Bay | Induction Floodlight | Induction Spotlight    
    LED Lighting : LED Floodlight | LED MR16 5W| LED Spotlight 12W | LED Strips | LED Candle 3W    
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